Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Tea Tree Soap in the mold

Here is a sneak peak of Tea Tree soap in the mold:

Splurge's Tea Tree Essential Oil Soap

Also thought I'd post a photo of my favourite cup of coffee as I enjoy other things besides soap. I try not to drink coffee too often but I have a favourite place that in my opionion makes the best Caramel 1/2 caf soy latte. It's 2% Jazz here in Victoria.  I had this cup last Saturday and am dying to go again for another cup:

2% Jazz Caramel Soy 1/2 Caf Latte

The smooth taste is amazing and they always add a bit of art in there.  As I've volunteered making these types of drinks for my church in the past it's tricky when using a lower fat milk like soy.

Splurge Sisters


Celine Blacow said...

Love love love the green colour of your soap.. I adore green soaps... and the coffee, WANT!!!

Anne-Marie said...

Drink art totally perks me up too! Adds a little something special to it. And YAY for the Tea Tree. Can't wait to see it unmolded =)

Amy Warden said...

Beautiful swirls - in the soap and the coffee!! Our pastor recently did a sermon series called "Finding God in the Foam of Your Latte" :)

Splurge Sisters said...

Celine and Anne-Marie,

Thanks, I'm always in awe of beautiful coffee designs.


Thank you, Oh I love that sermon title.

The Soap Sister said...

Gorgeous soap! I see white "leaves" in you swirls -very botanical! (Java looks yummy too!)

Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

Soap and yummy coffee-life is good. Fabulous swirls you have there.

Holly said...

Very pretty swirls! I love that green color too! I agree, soap and coffee makes for a happy life!

Splurge Sisters said...

The Soap Sister, Tierra Verde and Holly,

Thanks, I always get excited when I swirl soap. The creative process never gets old.