Friday, April 08, 2011

Splurge's Tea Tree soap revealed

It's been a busy at work this morning and now I finally have a chance to show you the soap unmolded and cut:

Splurge Tea Tree Essential oil soap side by side

I have so many ideas percolating in my head and not enough time to do them all which frustrates me. Hopefully this week-end I can make a few things. Between working full time, creating my lovely products and trying to get out and about it's hard to squeeze it all in. Now if only I could cut out sleep.

Splurge Sisters


Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. I know, right-if we just didn't have to waste time!

The Soap Sister said...

Even prettier now that it's cut! So botanical-looking -the look matches the name/fragrance perfectly, I think. :)

Celine Blacow said...

It is really really lovely - I just wish to God I could get swirls as lovely as that. I'm jealous but in a good way LOL... soooo lovely!

Jennifer Young said...

Beautiful swirls. You are an artist!!! xo Jen

Splurge Sisters said...

This feedback is such a nice pick me up to start off my Monday. Thanks :)

I always try to think of what a scent would look like colour wise when I make it. Or when I smell it do I think of woodsy, floral, green tones etc.

Swirling take a lot of practice at least for me it did. Plus no two soaps come out alike. I still find the in the pot swirl very difficult to achieve.

Often I wish I could get together with a bunch of soapers and meet at someone's house and have a big soaping party.