Friday, April 01, 2011

Featured in our local You & Me (y.a.m) March/April 2011 Issue

Our Splurge products are written up in You and Me magazine and we are excited. It's a new local magazine here in Victoria, BC.  We brought them a lovely gift basket of our products.

Take a look below (Cover Page) Just click on photo to enlarge, then if you are on a Mac and would like a larger view click command + or on a PC control +:

We are featured on page 7 left column under Local Splurging:

We're planning to feature this at our booth when the market starts in May.

Splurge Sisters


Tierra Verde Handmade Soap said...

Congrats! How cool is that?

Ambra said...

That is really nice. Congratulations :)

Splurge Sisters said...

Thank you both. :)

The Soap Sister said...

Congratulations!! Love it -nothing like some good press! I hope it helps you business lots. :)

Amy Warden said...

How exciting!! Seeing your name in print just never gets old! Hope it brings you some new business!

Splurge Sisters said...

The Soap Sister and Amy,

Thanks, I'm keeping it for future reference as well.