Two Blooms Design Studio products are uniquely designed specifically for you. Each product is original, hand crafted and hand wrapped.   We use only the highest quality ingredients and are continually launching new products. Our product line started back in 2002 with the idea that we could offer products that used quality ingredients at an affordable price.  Each product reflects the unique influence of the West Coast.  We are situated in a fairy tale city by the sea, Victoria, BC Canada.  

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Carmen said...

Hi Michelle, my name is Carmen. I came here through Soaperstar on FB, who mentioned you to me. I love the look of your soaps, and am a bit jealous that you live in Victoria! That's where my husband and I met, and we've always had a love for Victoria. I too make soaps, but reside in Kamloops BC. I'm just thinking about taking soaping a step further. There's certainly lots of inpiration here!! :)