Friday, July 03, 2015

You Big Ole Beautiful Soul

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Looking for yesterday's post? I forgot to post it so you can find it here. 

This is the second version as I write through tears because I lost that moment of the first draft when my browser decided to quit and I lost everything I had written.  It was a moment I can’t get back but through tears I choose to write it again in the hopes that this version will be even better because of it.

I saw him (at least 4 generations older then I) and thoughts took me back to two months prior the first time I laid eyes on him. This time I was grocery shopping and exiting the store and whispered to my sister “I think that’s him”.

Rewind two months ago and I was shopping at this same grocery store with my mom. We decided to have coffee and relax after we finished shopping.  There was a man nearby sipping his diet coke and eating a candy bar. While I continued in conversation I was riveted by this man. Did he fight in the war? Was he married or alone? Did he have anyone living who cared about him? What kind of job did he have and I wondered about the pages of his life he left behind. I fixed my gaze on him and I wanted him to know that he and his story mattered.  I wanted him to know for that moment that he wasn’t invisible and that his story was just as important. 
For that one moment in time I wanted to shout it to the rooftops that he and every other person mattered and were special no matter how they felt.

Today this older generation is often forgotten and ignored. Media is all about the trends the young, the famous, those who have accomplished so much but is anyone more important than this man sitting in front of me?

I wanted to say hello to this man and ask him about his story and his life but I didn’t know where to begin and didn’t want to disturb him. He got up after finishing his snacks and stumbled away. He couldn’t walk very well but he was managing. I really wanted to know where he was going and was he okay?

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After coming home I tried to go on with my day but I couldn’t stop thinking about him. So as I tried to fall asleep I cried over this man who I didn’t even know and through tears I prayed for him.  I worried he was discouraged or sad or had no one and I wanted him to feel loved and special because he deserved that.

Today as I was exiting the store continue here.

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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Why Typing Isn't To Blame

Here is yesterday's blog post that I forgot to post.

Today is a guest post from Caron (the other bloom in Two Blooms)

Long ago, I missed a week of high school due to some cold/flu sickness going around.  It was the week that we learned the numbers row in typing.  STOP READING if you don’t recognize the word t-y-p-i-n-g, this post will make no sense to you :)

So when I returned the following week, everyone was proficient typing out their numbers.  I tried to catch up but never did.  Finished the whole class ‘hunting and pecking’ for numbers and apparently passed.

I blame that week on a lot of things.  “Well, no I am not a brain surgeon, I can’t type numbers fast enough”. 

But today, while driving I started blaming my lack of: business skills/having a husband/being a millionaire on not learning to type numbers.  I actually went through the whole conversation in my head and managed to loop the blame back to that week of missed typing.

For me, it goes back to wanting what I don’t have.  Why isn’t Taylor Swift Instagramming about me?  Why don’t I get every account in the city?  Why do I have to work so hard late at night stamping soaps?  Sounds like a pity party doesn’t it?

Every morning when I get up I’ve started doing these gruelling exercises, they only take about 5 minutes but I hate them and they’re hard to do.  Yesterday I actually tried to hide under the covers because I didn’t want to get up to do these stupid exercises.  I started justifying why I shouldn’t have to do them (and no, I didn’t think about the missed week in typing and then I thought, ‘I am lucky to be able to move my body, I am privileged to have the freedom to exercise, this isn’t a hardship, this is my rent to live in this body’.

And I jumped up and did the whole sequence.  And this morning I got up and didn’t whine at all, I just got down to it.
For me, turning it around really helped and not that YOU ever whine/complain/envy – but if you did, how could you turn it around?  Share it with me, I love feedback!

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 About Caron:  Caron is one of the blooms of Two Blooms Design Studio Est. 2002. She is the dreamer, production manager and the social media wannabe. Caron is married to the word adventure and she will never stop dreaming.  

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Our Aromatherapy Sprays - Spot On Trend NOW

Lilacs from our Garden Photo Credit:  Michelle Somers


We started making our all natural aromatherapy sprays years ago as a way to cool off in the heat.  Throw one in your gym bag or purse and have an on the go instant pick me up to brighten your day.  We’ve added on three more scentsational blends so you can use one for every day of the week.

  •   They are extremely versatile and easy to use.
  •   The uses are endless: spritz in your car, around the room, on your clothes, use after the shower for a nice gentle scent, freshen up your shoes, your yoga mat, your children:)
  •   They are easy to carry anywhere you go. We have one customer who stocks up and uses them for her gardening job. She loves our Lavender, Mint , Calm Coast and Kickstart. We’ve even created some custom versions just for her.
  •    You’ll never get bored with a lack of scents to choose from. 
Aromatherapy Sprays

  • Monday: Try Calm Coast to start your day off on the right foot, this one is very calming with notes of clary sage, floral and citrus mingling together
  • Tuesday: Use Happy (Lavender) for that heavenly floral fusion that is so classic yet modern at the same time. Did you know that Frank Sinatra loved Lavender? A customer came and bought one of our Lavender soaps based on a book he read about Frank Sinatra. We find a lot of our male customers love Lavender. So this scent is a great unisex choice.
  • Wednesday:  You are only mid-way through your week and don’t know how you will handle the rest of the week before the week-end hits. Our Kickstart is the perfect solution with it’s lively burst of citrus. This one will wake you up and help you to tackle whatever is facing you.

  • Thursday:  Start your morning off with our Orange Blossom Neroli Face Hydrating Mist. The scent is outer worldly with it’s sweet, honey tones. It’s refreshing and reviving. Your face will thank you.  To top it all off it’s now available in a 2 oz size and comes in a glass bottle.
  • Friday:  It’s the last push of the week. Mist your face with our Roses in Bloom Face Hydrating Mist which smells like a garden of roses, so fresh and delicate. Also available in our new 2 oz size and comes in a glass bottle. After work you are heading to a workout so you brought along your Mat Mate.  It’s the perfect companion as it doubles as a cooling refreshing mist for tired muscles after a long workout and it’s great for cleaning your mat with it’s invigorating minty and herbaceous floral Lavender scent.

  • Saturday:  Grab your Scrunchy Hair Sea Spray Hair Texturizer and mist all over your hair for those swoon worthy beach waves that will be the envy of all your friends. If you have straight hair, you can sleep in the braids the night before and mist all over your hair or curl each strand of hair of your hair and mist all over. We have a video that shows you how to use it.
  • Sunday: You love that West Coast Forest scent so you pop our West Coast Trail Aromatherapy Spray into your bag and mist your car to capture those woodsy scents. While a lot of men love this one, women buy it too.
One customer uses her spray to mist all over her scarves so when she wears them she smells the scent all day long.

To celebrate Canada Day our natural sprays are on sale for a limited time. So now is a great time to buy them.

Which scent is your favourite? #IBN30

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Michelle is one of the blooms and founder of Two Blooms Design Studio Est. 2002. She is in charge of production, designing all of our labels in house, photography, customer service, alchemist behind all of our scent blends, designer, creator and pretty much whatever else needs to be done.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Travel Tuesday - Amazing Arizona

Grand Canyon National Park Photo Credit:

I received my B.A. in English in California and 3 of my friends were from Arizona so naturally I visited more then once.  While I have so many memories of Arizona one of my fondest is visiting the Grand Canyon. My friend Clarissa lived in the Grand Canyon National Park and I remember we would walk to this area and sit on a ledge and watch the sun set over the magnificence of the Grand Canyon. The colours of the canyon were amazing and I remember trying to soak every second of that scenery into my brain.
One of the things I envied about Clarissa, was that she worked at the Grand Canyon park every summer, and was able to read all the literature books we were assigned each year, ahead of time. Of course those of us who hadn’t read the books yet would pepper her for information to find out plots of the most important parts of the book, in an effort to save some time.
Arizona has a stark beauty to it and I was fascinated by cactus growing everywhere.  You would see huge ones in front of people’s homes and as I’d never seen this before I fond it looked cool. Amidst the hot temperatures, and the cactus and what seemed like barrenness in areas ,we would drive to a coffee shop and immediately I felt like I could be anywhere.
Clarissa’s mom served us the most amazing ‘Buttermilk Pie’ and I’d never had it before. This was swoon worthy and had an almost caramel taste. To this day it’s one of my fondest memories.  She graciously gave me the recipe and I still love it.
We didn’t take continue here. 
About Michelle
Michelle is one of the blooms and founder of Two Blooms Design Studio Est. 2002. She is in charge of production, designing all of our labels in house, photography, customer service, alchemist behind all of our scent blends, designer, creator and pretty much whatever else needs to be done.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Epic Fail Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes Photo Credit:

See that photo right there, yup that's right folks I was drawn in an lured by such deliciousness. A little bit of history here I'm a 'cinnamon roll' connoisseur. Where ever I've lived I made sure to find the best cinnamon rolls I could. I even worked at a cinnamon roll store when we lived in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii (I'll probably chat about that in a later post). Just recently I found divine cinnamon rolls here in Victoria, BC. Also when I have time on my hands I make my own but that is very rare these days but I'm getting off track here.  So you can see why I was lured by this divine looking recipe.

Dear readers to save you the agony of making the mistakes I did, with the help of my sister I'm going to explain why these disasters took place.  First I'll post the recipe so you can then understand why things slowly began to unravel in my two attempts to make these beauties. Now I'm not posting the link to the recipe in order to protect the innocent here and the fact that I made some tweaks here (what else is new, and maybe that is why they didn't work, but I think not as my subs were pretty minor except the first time).

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

  • 4 C of flour
  • 8 tsp of baking powder
  • pinch of salt
  • 4 C of milk (you can use alternatives to milk like almond, rice or hemp). I used almond milk and replaced the 4th cup with water
  • 4 TSP of Sunflower oil (another oil will work fine)
  • 3 large eggs, lightly beaten
  • little splash of vanilla extract
  • nice bunch of coconut flakes
  • Mix dry and wet separately and then combine together.
  • (Pour into your pan in circles forming pancakes)


  • 1 C of butter melted (you can sub with some coconut oil if you don't have any on hand)
  • 1 1/2 C of packed brown sugar
  • 2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • (Mix three ingredients together, put in baggie and snip one end and pour over batter in a swirl like motion)

There was a another part called Cream Cheese Glaze but in my opinion that is overload. They are great without it and we're saving calories here.  Okay now the fun part of making these precious things (insert sarcasm here).

 Cinnamon Roll Pancakes First Time, they look so innocent here. Photo Credit:  Michelle Somers

The first time I made the batter I had a hard time getting the lumps out with a whisk. Yeah I could have gotten out the beaters I suppose but I was lazy so kept whisking. Well I decided to add water to thin out the batter because I really love crepes more then pancakes. So the batter ended up being too thin to work with. Then I made the filling exactly like written and put it in the bag but it looked like soup and I kept wondering how I was going to pour this out. So being the smart one I am I handed this off to my sister to deal with and then heard her moaning that something was terribly wrong with the recipe. Well this isn't in the recipe but put this in the fridge for at least 20-30 minutes. Once it firmed up it was a bit better to work with but a bit too thick to pour out. The other problem is the brown sugar kept burning on the pan when you go to flip the pancake. We ended up blobbing the topping on top and just eating it like that.
Second time around (what was I thinking to try this again?) I made the batter but didn't add any extra water and it was much thicker and easier to work with.  I didn't have any butter for the filling so thought I'd try coconut oil. Well the filling just ended up being to thick because the coconut oil just keeps absorbing in the sugar. Again we blobbed it on the top and this time it make this sort of crispy caramel like topping which was quite divine.
The pros: the base recipe works great, the filling try at your own risk or search for another filling. You can also make up your own filling like jam, pour on maple syrup (yup we are big into that in these parts), smear on peanut butter and top with bananas, use yogurt with a bit of honey. I could go on and on but I'll leave that to your imagination.
The cons: the brown sugar burns in the pan, on searching for an image I found a recipe that shows a teflon pan being used and we did not use a teflon one. If you use the filling don't sub butter for coconut oil unless you want a crispy like top that you can blob on.
Have you had any cooking disasters recently?  #IBN30

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About Michelle
Michelle is one of the blooms and founder of Two Blooms Design Studio Est. 2002. She is in charge of production, designing all of our labels in house, photography, customer service, alchemist behind all of our scent blends, designer, creator and pretty much whatever else needs to be done.