Friday, November 27, 2015

I thought this running class was for couch potatoes

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I thought this class was for couch potatoes.

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You may remember the first post I did about running here.  So we go to the first class and we figure it will be pretty laid back. I wear a sweat shirt, jogging pants and a black puffy coat. I don’t look amazing but I figure we will do some light exercising. We step inside and head to the counter to ask where to go. The man motions us to sit next to some girls waiting to go inside. This was my first clue that I should run out of there. The two girls next to use were thin and looked very much in shape. A few minutes later we see the teacher and she is slim as well. The class begins and every one in there looks fit and in shape.  It was like high school all over again. We were the odd people and that felt uncomfortable.
The teacher asks if anyone hasn’t run before? Yup just Caron and I put up our hands gingerly.  We get the run down on the stance, posture etc.  Then we do a bunch of exercises and these were not easy at all. I was exhausted after 10 minutes. Then the teacher says okay we are heading out for 20 minutes. The first group would be 1 minute walking then 2 minutes of running. We were in the very back and were the only ones at the end doing 1 minutes of running and 2 minutes of walking. Caron and I were in shock. There was a woman...continue here
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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Adele would love this.

Adele would love this.

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It’s a month until Christmas and as a maker, life is chaos.  Between fulfilling wholesale orders,  selling at weekend craft markets (who signed us up for these markets anyways? Oh wait a minute, that could have been me :) and replenishing stock I find myself working alone in the studio with only the radio for company. (Little Blooms is typically on the other side of the studio in another office).  Sometimes I even dance to a peppy song.

So naturally I am hearing Adele’s epic voice on a consistent basis.  And when I am procrastinating researching on Facebook, I do watch the Jimmy Fallon interviews with her.  So I feel like Adele and I are becoming fast friends (although she may not realize this AT ALL.)  Packing up this luscious face kit today I thought to myself “hey, Adele has beautiful skin, if she was my BFF I would definitely send this to her”.  What’s not to love?  Its got all the essentials to get you through the holiday frenzy, late nights and perhaps imbibing in the festive cheer of your choosing. 

Pampering Face Love Kit
Our organic face rehab with charcoal & dead sea mud to pull the impurities from your skin, followed up by a refreshing toner of either Neroli or Rose, follow this with a delicate application of our organic rose geranium face nourish and save the Azulene for night time skating or evenings apr├Ęs ski.  Instead of a fragrance that can irritate, I spray a light mist of the toner on my hair before heading out the door for a subtle scent.

Pampering Face care Kit
This is a limited edition kit, we’re only releasing a small number of these treasures for $75.00 CAD dollars (plus shipping).  And if you’re a friend of Adele’s, let us know and I’d be happy to send her a kit from her new BFF.

Pampering Face Care Kit

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Caron is one of the blooms of Two Blooms Design Studio Est. 2002. She is the dreamer, production manager, self taught chef and the social media wannabe. Caron is married to the word adventure and she will never stop dreaming.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Run a 5K, are you joking?

Run a 5K, are you joking?

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Caron (the other bloom of Two Blooms) has posted about our running adventure here and here and now it’s my turn to describe the events that led up to me joining this torturous class.  Yup Caron saw a sign driving by several times that said ‘Sofa to 5 K’ and for some reason it was calling her. The only time I’ve run is in high school and college and it was never something I loved. I did it more because it was required for gym credits. In college I toyed with it because we had a track close by and the odd time here and there I would run for exercise. Years ago I tried the beginner’s running method where you walk for 5 minutes and running 1 minute or something like that.  I tried it several times but never really stuck with it. Deep down though I’ve always wondered if I could run some sort of marathon. I’m in city that is known for this as there are several marathons year found because we have the ideal climate. 

A few years ago I remember going to Washington for a crab festival and on the way to the ferry there was a marathon happening. We were early so we stood and watched people passing the finished line. There were all ages and some brought tears to my eyes. It was that moment that I secretly wondered if I could ever muster up the ability to do a marathon. There never really is a question if I can physically do it because with determination and patience I think most of us can accomplish anything if we really put our minds to it.
So Caron calls and asks about the course and its full. I hear her on the phone and I breathe a secret sign of relief. I’m out of shape. Yes I walk a lot but I’m not used to running at all. So Caron goes on the wait list. Finally we get a call and one spot is open. I’m still relieved and tell Caron she can go the class alone and teach me the ropes. She says to the lady we are waiting for another spot. You guessed it we get a second call saying I’m in. While the lady puts Caron on hold she is yelling to me asking if I want to do it and I’m debating back and forth and finally yell yes but hesitantly.  To be continued in another post.

Has anything happened recently that you've dreaded? You dread it because you know it's good for you and you don't want to do it or maybe it's a obligation of sorts.

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Hi, I’m Michelle the founder of Two Blooms Design Studio Est. 2002. I’m in charge of production, designing all of our labels in house, photography, customer service, alchemist behind all of our scent blends, designer, creator and pretty much whatever else needs to be done.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thank you for 30 days of blogging

Thank you for 30 days of blogging

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Nothing has prevented me from this challenge. As I was harping on my sister to post this blog that I'd written 2 hours earlier the power went out. Just as we were about to head out the door to head to a nearby wifi coffee shop the power came back on.

Thank you.

On behalf of the academy I’d like to thank you all for your support over these last 30 days :).  I’d like to thank Donna Maria for coming up with this brainchild of blogging for 30 days.  During our busiest time of year, she made it sound so exciting, so alluring that I literally threw caution to the wind and jumped in with both feet so excited to be a part of this challenge.  You are a good leader Donna Maria and I am proud to be a part of your online family.

To my sweet sister (aka Little Bloom) who dutifully helped me with the blog every single day when I would manage to do something to crash the screen.  Or the days I would wail and moan and explain to her why we simply could not continue on with the blog.  She never complained, she’d ply me with tea and cookies and help me with ideas and suggestions.  She knew she couldn’t write for me, but her job was to walk alongside and encourage when she could and at other times stay far away from me while I plunked on the keyboard :).

And most importantly to this amazing community of makers that took the time to send comments and answer questions.  To those of you that took the time to click ‘like’ you will never know how on some days it was a lifesaver to continue.

I learned that I love to write and express myself, it is my favorite way to communicate.  The mere discipline of putting my bum in my seat every day had the crossover effect of bringing discipline to other areas of my life.  Because I had to write every single day it meant that I had to be organized in other areas of my life.  Suddenly the desk that was piled sky high with papers could not be tolerated another day so I organized it.  No time for exercise? Not true, there was always a pocket of time that could be found.

So thank you, I am a better person because of these 30 days, I feel like I’ve opened a door to a creative side of me that I didn’t have time to explore.  #grateful

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Caron is one of the blooms of Two Blooms Design Studio Est. 2002. She is the dreamer, production manager, self taught chef and the social media wannabe. Caron is married to the word adventure and she will never stop dreaming.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Home is where your memories are

Home is where the memories are

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I longingly read a magazine article that recalled the author going to their childhood home for Christmas and tucking their young family into the beds that they slept in as children.

“Does that still exist in this transient society” I thought?  What about the friend who told me she returned to visit her childhood home and found a highway there instead.  Upon inquiring with the neighbours, she found out her childhood home had been bulldozed down to make room for progress.

What about military families who may have had their young families in a far off country that would be too far away to return for a visit?

My mother brought us back to her family home that was now owned by someone else.  Standing on the sidewalk, staring up at the building she started to cry as she recalled her parents now long gone.  The owners of the house saw her tears and kindly opened their front door for her to see the entrance once again.  We didn’t see her bedroom nor would she be able tuck us into her childhood bed.

Do some family homes bring back painful memories that no one wants to return to?

How many of us can return to our family homes to show our families our childhood bed?  Would you want to?

We all know that home is where the heart is.  If we are unable to return to our childhood home,  perhaps we can make new memories?  Is that even possible?  In our house, food is the memory.  We will sit around in the afternoons enjoying tea and the conversation will quickly revolve around food.  Today we started talking about these Italian cookies my grandmother made, we called them ‘Clara’s Bows’.  A pencil width pretzel shaped cookie that was fried, drizzled with honey and dusted with powdered sugar.  Then my aunt’s Italian desserts that she made with ricotta cheese and chopped up mint, they weren’t my favorite but she’d always put powdered sugar on top and we’d eat them up with her big, brown betty tea pot in the middle of the table.

Blessed are the story tellers, for they can pass down stories and traditions that will linger long afterwards, even when there isn’t a house to visit.

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Caron is one of the blooms of Two Blooms Design Studio Est. 2002. She is the dreamer, production manager, self taught chef and the social media wannabe. Caron is married to the word adventure and she will never stop dreaming.