Monday, January 24, 2011

Two new soap labels


A few weeks back I posted about Jenora soaps and her cute wrapping here. This was my last post regarding wrapping here.

Here are two I did for our Christmas shows:
Splurge Gingerbread Soap with shea butter
I love this scent and am glad I have a few bars left.

This is the other soap:

Splurge's Mocha Latte Soap with shea butter
I added poppy seeds for a bit of exfoliation.

Next up will be tea light packs.

Splurge Sisters


Jennifer Young said...

I like both of these! thank you for referring people to my blog!! xo Jen

Teresa said...

So cute!

The Soap Sister said...

Love the wrappers -especially the gingerbread: adorable! Packaging is so much fun. :)

Splurge Sisters said...

Thanks for your lovely comments everyone.

Shea Butter said...

A comforting, gentle bath/shower soap that is also good to shave with! I save time and money when I use my razor in the shower on my sensitive face. Great for men and women.