Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Christmas Displays


It's been hard to get back into the blog mode. I was off work over the holidays for 3 weeks and we had our last show and then took a much deserved rest. I went back to work last week and it was so difficult to get back into the groove of things.

This year we did three Christmas shows and I thought I'd post photos from each show.

This was our first show at 10th Annual Hearts and hands show at UVic that supported the United Way and was in mid November (think it was our 3rd or 4th time at this one). We had a smaller space but it worked out well:

UVic Hearts and Hands Show

This show is always one of our favourites shows since my sister and I both work here. We always have a great turnout and this year was no exception.

Our next show was at the Saanich Commonwealth Place. This was our first time at this venue so we had no idea what to expect. We had a bit more space here which was nice and the photo is a bit blurry but all I have:
Commonwealth Christmas Show

Our last show was at Moss Street Market and we have been selling there 8 years so it's always well attended as our market ends the last Saturday in October so everyone is anxious to come see us again. Plus it doesn't hurt that the event is free and the market provides free apple cider.

We had a great space here and were able to offer our gluten free baking as well:

Moss Street Market Christmas Show

This was taken late on Sunday and our baking had sold out and so had a lot of our products. It was a great way to end off our season. Now I have the next few months to plan for the new season and get working on my Etsy site.

Splurge Sisters


The Soap Sister said...

Your set up looks really nice -I think I could spend quite a bit of time at your booth with all those goodies! All the best to you in 2011! -Becky

Between Friends said...

Wow... Look at all those goodies you have on the shelves! Did you make those nice shelves?

Splurge Sisters said...
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Splurge Sisters said...

The Soap Sister, Thanks and I hope 2011 is a great year for you as well.

Between Friends, The displays are a long story as I had seen something similar on a blog that no longer exists. The problem was I had to have to custom design them to suit our needs I was trying to find someone who could build them for me and a friend of ours offered and my sister and I love them.