Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sneak Peek

As you can see, we're back at it. We made ourselves take a couple of weeks off to just breathe and enjoy life. Lots of staff meetings, pots of tea, notes taken, discussions, all good, all necessary.

And then there comes the day when it's time to create again. So to celebrate that, we've updated our website and our vision. You'll start seeing the subtle changes and we're thrilled. To start, we did our first new soap, our traditional and well loved Lavender. From this stage it will be aged and matured and will be ready for the market.

Lots more to show you but we'll go slow so you can adjust to it all:)

The Splurge Sisters


Anne-Marie said...

Everyone needs time off to rest and recharge; and what a beautiful batch of soap you made. I love the look of it.

PS - pots of tea? love it! I'm on a massive green tea kick lately. =)

Teresa said...

I have a deep appreciation for good lavender!
This soap looks beautiful even in the mold!

Splurge Sisters said...

Thank you both.


Green tea is divine and is one of the few herbal teas I can drink without a sweetner.


I unmolded it last night but have to clean up the edges and then I'm hoping to post pictures tomorrow.