Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hat Couture

Our hand knit hats have been a market favorite for years! We've covered all the fruits, blueberries, strawberries, heirloom tomatoes, watermelons, lemons, pumpkins, salmonberries, foofooberries etc. We've done it all and still get thrilled when we see one of our little 'Berry Cute Caps' walking by.

But now - we're branching out into our 'Splurge Boutique Collection'. One of a kind hand knit creations that are not only original but super cozy. We're debuting three this week and judging by the reactions so far - demand is going to far outweigh what my little fingers can knit. Above you'll see the "Posy Pink" creation. It's a chocolate brown hat with a touch of bright pink in the band and in the flower. The flower is detachable so you can attach it to the side for an avant gard look.

Next up is our "Bee Sweet" hat. Sweeter than honey this little bee has it's own wings and even antenna! Bright yellow makes this hat a show stopper and promises to attract lots of admirers. This adorable hat is too cute for words and promises to bee extra warm and snuggly with those cool nights coming up.

Finally, the sweetest, cuddliest hat you've ever seen. This wee sheep is ever so soft and grazes quietly on the green grass while the blue sky shines in the background. The sheep is so fluffy that some of it's fluff landed up on top as well.

All of the hats are hand knit with love and will be available for viewing (and purchasing:) at the market (which only goes for another 4 weeks!).

Splurge Sisters

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