Sunday, August 24, 2008

Out! Out! Spot!

Growing up we always used a special bar of soap to get out stubborn stains. Then as we got older, we caught onto the plastic bottles filled with "Stain Remover". I ran out of one of these bottles a few months ago and started looking around for something to get chocolate out of a white cotton skirt. Suddenly, my eyes fell on a bar of soap we had made that was unscented and uncolored. I tried it on the stain, threw the skirt into the wash and was pleasantly surprised to see the skirt come out clean!

So we formulated our own Stain Stick and we are really impressed!! Our Stain Stick comes in a handy size with minimum packaging - keep it by the washing machine and when you see a stain, simply wet the Stain Stick, rub it on the stain and throw the garment into the wash! No plastic bottles to dispose of, no chemicals...just old fashioned clean.

We're loving it!

Splurge Sisters

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