Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Knitting and When Does the Market Finish? Really?

Remember how cute those little hats were that I highlighted last week? Well guess what - they sold SO quickly that I have been knitting my fingers off. Which is good, wonderful even...if only I had 10 hands. No matter - there will be several more sheepie and bee caps...and yes, maybe at Christmas there will be adult sized ones:)

And this week we're debuting SEVERAL new soaps - they are all wrapped and ready to go - if only I could get the labeling done quicker - so I won't say how many new soaps will be out, I'll just say several:)

Lastly, we found out last week that apparently the market ISN'T over at the end of September. No, no, no...apparently it will go until the last Saturday in October! Huh? So pending weather - we'll be there for sure until the end of September and then we'll go week by week.

Nothing like a few surprises to help shape your week. Hope yours is going well and keep those emails coming - we love getting mail!


the splurge sisters

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