Sunday, February 03, 2008

Obsessed by Sunshine

Is it my imagination - or is EVERYONE going somewhere hot and tropical these days? I've stopped counting the number of friends and colleagues who are flying out to Hawaii, Mexico, Florida, Bermuda, Arizona and on and on and on.

Which makes me terribly envious of them. They talk about digging out their spf's and finding the kids snorkels and masks and talking ad nauseum about the food on the cruises. All of which makes me in particular cranky.

So I thought, what in the Splurge Collection would help me weather through the days of NOT being in the hot sun - and it did not take long to find something.

We introduced the Ocean Collection for Christmas and merely looking at the soap and inhaling deeply has helped me tremendously.

Doesn't this photo remind you of the cool scent of the ocean, the sound of seagulls flying, the wind in your hair, warm sand under your feet, the ocean gently coming up to touch your toes?

But it doesn't just stop at the soap - we then introduced the Ocean candle in a travel tin that is AMAZING. Even as I write this, I keep opening the lip and inhaling the candle - it is so clean and invigorating. I am thinking that the Ocean Splurge line is going to get a little bigger this year. I am envisioning butters, sugar scrubs, lotions and a few other little goodies.

See, I am feeling better already. No need for ocean cruises for me, plus there won't be any long airport waits, or crammed seats or drying skin from the sun. Nope, I am perfectly content with my Ocean Splurge Soy Wax Candle and Ocean Splurge Soap.

Now if only life were that simple. Have a great week.

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