Sunday, February 10, 2008

Birthday Burgers, Cake & Soap Molds

Well, it was Birthday week and what a week it was! This was the surprise meal and it was the most delicious burger I have had EVER!! Seriously. You can't see it in the photo, but this raw mushroom burger was to 'live' for. Plus, there was condiments that made me sing with joy!! The most beautiful catsup made with sundried toms, a thick artisan mustard and yummy yummy sunflower seed cheese. This was a "Big Matt with Cheese" and I am still smiling over the deliciousness of it all.

Then came my favorite dessert of all time - the Chocolate Cherry Torte, this time graced with coconut and lots of extra cherry coulis. This dessert has such a rich chocolate taste - you can hardly believe it. Not overly sweet but very satisfying. Followed by our favorite cup of tea and the day was perfect. So today, it's even better since there are lots of leftovers and I find myself eating the mustard on lettuce leaves all on it's own - it's that good.

So now, how do soap molds come into all of this? Well they kind of don't, but we are so excited by our newest toy - we just had to share it with you. We found this extremely talented craftsman who makes these artisan soap molds - he is so famous that there is a backlog of MONTHS to even get one of his molds. After lots of deliberation and hours of phone conversations - we've come up with a custom Splurge Soap Mold. It's being made as we speak and hopefully we'll get it in time for the market. We are beyond excited. Our soap sales soared last year and it really confirmed that we've got an extraordinary soap product - plus we're from Victoria and you can't get more local than that.

And we're working on some DELICIOUS treats for the market - but more on that later, I am thinking that a little piece of chocolate cherry torte might go good about now...with a little cup of tea.


The Splurge Sisters

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