Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sin-Less Cinnamon Rolls & Cleaning

A bakery in town advertises that they put the 'sin back in cinnamon rolls', we rolled our eyes laughing and came home to make the BEST sin-less cinnamon rolls. No flour, sugar or lard. All natural, all raw. The topping is cinnamon-y caramel-y goodness. And they are good for you. Imagine that - all the nutrition, double the taste and no guilt.

You might remember from a few posts back that we were doing a MAJOR overhaul in our little studio - well we had a 5 week delay and yesterday was the day that we decided to clean. I always forget how hard cleaning REALLY thoroughly can be. We washed, scrubbed, swept, wiped and threw away TONS of stuff. Lots went to recycling (in fact most of it did come to think of it) and suddenly the space looks amazing.

I keep walking into our studio saying "wow - this looks really good, I want to create something". So there must be a correlation between cleaning out the old and making room for the new. A friend had major heart surgery recently and he talked about the artery that goes from your brain to your heart and sometimes it gets clogged. Which got us thinking - "what's clogging us up"? Is it fear of the unknown? Fear of rejection? Or do we just get lazy and settle for same old same old?

Our market starts up in a few months and January has definitely been a time to recoup and regenerate. Lots of rest days, lots of days sitting drinking teas and reading magazines from the library and best of all - days to let your mind wander.

So what small thing can you clean up today? How about your eating habits? Could you eat one meal a day with just fresh salad or veggies? We're on month 9 of eating raw/living foods and the clarity of mind that comes with it is empowering.

How about being more active? Walking to work? Or how about being more green? Or buying coffee that is fairly traded?

Remember, it's the little things that count.

the splurge sisters

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