Saturday, February 16, 2008

Themes for 2008

No, our theme for the year is not a lemon poppyseed cake - but I couldn't resist borrowing the photo. I made this very cake last night and it was to LIVE for. So lemony so so fresh - no flour, sugar, eggs - all fresh fruit and nuts - seriously delicious. I took some of my own photos but haven't loaded them yet - so in the meantime, enjoy the visual.

And yes, I've pulled out our tables and have started doing set designs for our market which is creeping up quickly. It's a challenge to design 10 feet of space and to maximize every square inch without making it look cluttered. It takes me weeks reading every magazine I can get my hands on, prowling around in shops downtown and finally coming up with something that reflects who we are. Since it was fashion week in New York City, that provided a whole week of inspiration. Then looking at the fabrics that are being featured and even watching the Oscars for clues.

Then there is the furniture itself on the tables - I had signed up for woodworking classes (which got canceled) and so taking matters into my own hands - I am creating items that I can't find anywhere. If that fails, I may have to find a carpenter but I am hopeful that my limited abilities with a hammer and saw with see me through.

So that's a little glimpse into our world - creating lots and having lots of fun.

Splurge Sisters

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