Friday, October 19, 2007

Splurge Sisters Gone RAW!

For the past 6 months, we've been eating a whole new way! We had heard about eating Vegan Raw/Living Foods - but we knew it WASN'T FOR US!! We were carbohydrate addicts - pasta, bread, cheese, SUGAR!!! But unfortunately our bodies were breaking down. So we decided to try and eat uncooked fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts for 3 days to see if there was any difference.

WHOA!! There was such a dramatic difference that we kept going. As well as dramatic weight loss, our body began to heal itself. Gone were the headaches, aches & pains, issues with high blood pressure, cholesterol...we could go on and on. It's been an amazing journey and we've learned so much, plus we have the energy of 12 year olds.

We've read every book available on the subject and talked with dozens of experts. We've had our blood work checked by the doctor and we are perfectly healthy!!

So being the entrepreneurs that we are - we've started "Splurge Sisters Raw/Living Foods Catering & Consulting". We've got clients in Ontario, Alberta and BC. Contact us for details and if you live in the Greater Victoria Area, we'll make the most delicious food and deliver it to your door. Or, if you'd like to be coached on starting a healthier lifestyle we can help you there as well. We'll take you grocery shopping, explain the easy way to prepare foods and help you with making better choices.

The photo shown is a Pumpkin Pie to DIE FOR!! (No cooking, no heating). We're creating new recipes for our new lifestyle every day - so check this blog often and in the middle section, we'll post photos of what we've made. Feel free to contact us even if you have silly questions - we LOVE getting email.

So now the products we make will go hand in hand with the healthier new you!

Splurge Sisters

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Anonymous said...

You both look AMAZING! You deserve to look so good, you're working so hard - well done - really proud of you both! We're seriously considering hiring you both, just in time for Christmas! R&S