Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Yes, We're Local!

Guess what people at the market ask us the most? Give up? The most common question we get asked is...'are you local'? Well, we've done the calculations and...oh yes indeed...we are local. In fact, our products travel a mere 8 km or 5.24 miles to get to the market. Can't get any fresher than that, can you? We're sourcing more and more local product and when possible, we're getting fair trade ingredients.

This year we'll be focusing even more on 'giving back to the community', so keep an eye open for some new initiatives we'll have starting up in the new year.

So along with our new Organika line, we're introducing some new soy wax candles. We've got some good friends going through really difficult times and we've recently experienced our own set of disappointments - but we're keeping on and we invite you to come along with us for the journey. One of our new candles is simply titled 'Hope'. Because sometimes that's all you've got left to hang on to - hope that things will get better. It's a warm, comfortable scent with a little beach memory thrown in there.

The other new one is "B.F.F." or Best Friends Forever. As the two felines on the front, life goes easier when you've got your bff to hang on to!

Even though the weather is getting gloomier (NOT the LA folks of course:), cozy on up to our blog, and every week we'll have something new for you to see.

Here's to Hope.

Splurge Sisters

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