Monday, October 22, 2007

Splurge Omnimedia??

So, with our fingers in so many pies - we're starting to think big. We've got the baking, the bath & body, the cards, the silver smithing, the catering - thankfully there are two of us - so we can get twice as much as done:)

But the focus these past few weeks has been on bread. The perfect bread. Crusty crust, fine crumbs, delicious taste etc. My sourdough starter has become like liquid gold - the bread it produces amazes even me.

So I've been researching and reading everything I can. Writing bread bakers all over the world and getting back such awesome help. If you're looking for that perfect bread to make the ultimate toast - give me a call. Our bread has an even texture, so that when you toast it and slather the butter - all the little indentations in the bread hold the little pools of warm melted butter.

When you take a bite, the crunch is pleasant, then comes the taste of tender bread with the fresh butter - it's basically a party in your mouth.

Here's to Toast,

the splurge sisters

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