Friday, October 26, 2007

Splurge Jewelry

Introducing our new line of Splurge Jewelry is this detailed, one of kind, expandable blue necklace. The precision required to make this piece is mind-boggling! Depending on the neck size, this necklace opens to expand or contract - brilliant!

This necklace will come in blue, purple, green and combination colors to start with. We'll be selling these for $34.95 and I have a feeling, these are going to go fast. We're also designing/creating sterling silver bangles and more.

We've got new room/body sprays made, some exciting new soaps (including pomegranate), candles & all kinds of goodies.

It's non-stop action around here, but we're loving every single moment of it. There's a restaurant nearby that boasts a beautiful outdoor fountain with tables and chairs surrounding it. With the beautiful,sunny weather we've been having this week, we've been over there almost every day getting inspired by the Italian theme and design.

So Ciao bella and we'll talk to you soon.

Splurge Sisters

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