Monday, September 03, 2007

Cooler Weather = Candles!!

As soon as the weather gets a little cooler - we start creating new candle scents - this week was no exception. We came up with "Breathe" which is like a walk through the forest - pine notes mingle throughout to make a wonderful scent-sation. It's in a chubby 2 oz. size.

Another favorite is the Lavender which we put into a 4 oz chubby size and the overall affect is so soothing. We've been lighting these at night - trying to catch the last few moments of the summer

We've met all kinds of new friends this summer from Toronto who get so excited at finding soy wax candles - they've been loading up on supplies before their flights back:)

The most frequent request last Saturday was for Sweet Pea Soap! It usually does very well in the early spring, so when we sold out we didn't make anymore new. Then a few weeks ago, we got the idea to combine "Sweet Pea" with "Peony" and made the most brilliant Goat's Milk Soap called "Sweet Peony". It's a lovely fresh scent and the design is beautiful. It will be cured in time for this Saturday - but we only made 10 bars.

And lastly, with Labor Day upon is, it's only natural that people have begun asking us about Christmas shows! We'll keep reminding you - but here's where we'll be.

November 9&10 - Calico Christmas Fair - PCS
November - We'll have our annual home show again this year - contact us for details.
December 8&9 - Moss Street Market Christmas Fair

Have a wonderful week and we'll see you on Saturday at the market.

Splurge Sisters

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