Tuesday, May 29, 2007

While You Were Sleeping Organic Baking

Ta-da!! Announcing the arrival of a new branch of Splurge Sisters - the baking branch that is. We test-marketed organic bread this weekend and were thrilled with the results! Thanks to all who contacted us to say they loved the bread.

So, look forward to seeing delicious bread each and every Saturday. There will always be a few mainstays - but we'll be baking up bagels, pretzels and so much more.

So while you're stocking up on your soaps and lotions, why not grab some organic cinnamon buns on your way?

We're not abandoning the other side of Splurge at all - look for new arrivals every week (and body butter and sugar scrubs are on sale at $5.95 EACH- seriously!) We are wanting to try some new packaging so we're moving the butters and sugars along.

If you have any suggestions or favorites you'd like to see on the soap side or the baking side - just let us know - we love hearing from you (even our fans in California!!). Splurge Sisters

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