Tuesday, May 15, 2007

This Little Light of Mine

Well, we've caught the fire bug - in a matter of speaking. We've always made candles, but last year we discovered soy wax and we're hooked.

Along with our regulars (lavender, cranberry, pumpkin, Fresh Fig, Kailua Bay, vanilla & Pure Beeswax) we added Sweet Freesia and Green Tea. This week we're adding Dark Roast (a rich coffee), Sugar (think pink & sweet), a coconut & pineapple Pina Colada and Fresh (which is wonderful in the kitchen).

We've got plans for several more scents - but we're pacing ourselves -we've got the whole summer!! Lots more in store - this week we've got our body salt scrubs and body butters for $9.95 each - does it get any better than this? I really don't think so. Happy Long Weekend and come on out and Splurge!! Splurge Sisters


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the care package - it arrived today and the Sweet Freesia and & Fresh Fig candles are to die for - we love you - keep up the good work.
Your peeps in California!

Jennifer said...

YUM! Your new candle scents sound great. Love the labels too! I hope that coffee candle is as good as the ice cream!! :)
See you Saturday,
Your neighbour Jen.