Saturday, December 22, 2012

Recap/Christmas Wishes

I've had a lot of sleepless nights over the last few months. Why you ask? I often go to bed with so many ideas about designing labels, products, scents, colours that I stay up most of the night organizing my thoughts. Sometimes I don't arrive at a conclusion as it is ongoing. Other times I get those "aha" moments and can't wait to get out to bed to experiment.  I'm inspired by others out in blog world (whether it's soap, fashion, design, dream boards etc.).  There are moments when I see an idea someone else has done and I think oh that's amazing why didn't I think of that. Then I step back and say that looks great for them but does it fit what our brand is all about. Then I take the idea and mull it over and completely adapt it or come up with a whole new idea to suit our location, customer base etc.  Sometimes what works for others is the complete opposite of what would work for us.  It's difficult as I have to refrain myself from not following all the trends out there. Of course we usually try them out but then it comes down to what is the customer looking for.

It's been a wonderful successful Christmas season here at Two Blooms. After several shows/shipping parcels, wholesale orders and making local deliveries we are looking forward to a much needed rest.

Here is a look back at all the products we offered over the Christmas season:

Soaps from Top Row Left to Right
1st Row:  Botanical {Rosemary/Mint}, new batch of Botanical {Rosemary/Mint}, Mile 0 {Caramel/Ginger}
2nd Row:  Sweet Cakery {Vanilla}, Vancouver Island Fig & Berry, Organic Goatmeal & Honey
3rd Row:  Organic The Marina {Orchid/Sandalwood}, Organic The Market {Lemongrass}, Tofino Morning {Chai Tea}
4th Row:  Rose Garden, Water's Edge with local/sustainable Sea Salt {Green Leaf/Fern}, Organic Stars on The Lake {Juniper/Clary Sage}, Organic Country Lavender
5th Row:  Patchouli with local ale, Organic Cupcake {Sugar}, Cucina Coffee {Citrus}, West Shore Glycerin {Ocean scent}

All of our soaps can be found on our Etsy under Soaps Essential Oils & Soaps Fragrance Oils 

This is a video of Stars on the Lake Soap. If you can't see the video you can view it here.
We came up with some crazy ideas on how to cut our soap and rambled on a bit.  We have a lot more videos to upload in the near future so stay tuned. 

We've been experimenting with new packaging options.  
Left to Right Limited Edition Soaps: French Mint & Lavender
New Packaging we are experimenting with: Organic Country Lavender, Tofino Morning Chai & Botancial Rosemary/Mint

We have loads of ideas in mind and will explore some of these in the New Year.  I have a lot of criteria I want this packaging to meet: cost effective, stunning, waterproof (prefer eco-friendly options but I'm working on ways around that), suitable for online, wholesale, outdoor markets & involves colour.  Not sure where my love affair of colour began. I mean who didn't love colouring when they were a kid or get excited over choosing a certain colour for a game etc.  It's not just the colour that speaks to me though it's the process of colour involved in design/fashion that makes my heart sing. It's a fine line between how much colour we should use so that it's just right and not over the top.

Moisturizing Products Left to Right:
1st Row: Calming Chamomile Cream, Organic Shea Monoi Whipped Mousse (larger size),
2nd Row: Organic Lavender Skin Relief in reuseable Eco-Friendly jars with Organic Lavender from our garden (We are blessed to grow our own Lavender ), Organic Shea Monoi Whipped Mousse (portable size)
3rd Row: Pacific Lotion (essential oil blend including Lavender) The Victoria Organic Skin Therapy (with floral essential oils)

You can find our available products here.

Here is a peek of some custom and wholesale orders over Christmas.  We are delivering locally until December 24th in the GVA. See our Facebook page for details.

We have a new Retailers page and you can now find our products in Illinois at Leafgirl studio + organics. Our products were featured on photos 1 (to the left) & 2 of this album.

Nail Polish which is "3 Free" containing no toluene, dibutyl phthalate or formaldehyde and also scented. When your nails dry it has a lovely scent.

From Left to Right clockwise:  Black Raspberry Vanilla, Glam {Sugar}, Nightfall {Blackberry/Sage}, Espresso Yourself {Caramel}

You can find our current stock here.  We have two new ones coming soon.

Gift Selections Clockwise:  Lavender/Rose Gift Set, Plumeria Guest Soaps, Handcrafted cards with an original drawing by a local artist, Revive Citrus Kits, Joy Gift Kits, a Citrus Spa Kit

Gift Items can be found here.

Bath Products Left to Right Clockwise:  The Victoria {floral EO blend} Sea Salt Soak , Achoo {cold and flu EO blend} Sea Salt Soak, Sweet Cakery {Vanilla} Sea Salt Soak, Achoo Sea Salt Soak in bag, The Victoria Sea Salt Soak in Bag (all Sea Salt Soaks contain local & sustainable Sea Salt). Petal Essential Oil Bath Fizzies {with Rose, Jasmine essential oil blend & Calendula}, Two Blooms Organic Liquid Soap {Citrus Blend} in a recyclable Eco-Friendly bottle.

See all of our available bath products here.

If we didn't have our hands full as it is, we've decided to explore some new creative outlets. 

1st Row:  Glass Jars with cozy sleeve and straw, Country/Rustic Wreath
2nd Row:  Hand painted signs (canvas and wood)
3rd Row:  Glass Tile Rings, Handknit Glass Beaded Wire Bracelets
4th Row: Glass Tile Rings, Tree Earrring/Ring Set (that I made)

Caron's creations can be found here.
She has also started another blog which can be found here.  

Soy Candles 1st Row:  Refresh (Citrus essential oil blend including Bergamot), Bliss (floral EO blend including Lavender/Ylang Ylang), Evergreen (Wintergreen EO blend)
2nd Row:  Stars on the Lake (Juniper/Clary Sage EO blend), Serenity in a reusable glass jar (complex earthy floral EO blend)
3rd Row: Cozy Cinnamon in a reusable glass jar  (EO blend), another shot of Serenity

Our available pure essential oil Soy Candles can be found here.

1st Row:  Lavender Aroma Mist (brand new packaging), Fir Aroma Mist, Rose Aromatherapy Oil (an EO blend I so enjoyed creating including Rose and Jasmine)
2nd Row: Water's Edge Perfume Oil (notes of Green Leaf & Fern)
3rd Row:  Calm Coast Aroma Mist in PET bottle (perfect for calming yourself during the day or before bed with an EO blend including Rose Geranium), Calm Coast in brand new packaging, Calm Coast in a recycled amber glass bottle

Our Perfumes/Sprays can be seen here.

Lip Products 1st Row:  Tulip Glossy Lip Balm (a modern pink with Grapefruit EO), Organic Chai Tea Lip Balm (with essential oils)
2nd Row: Organic Lavender Glossy Lip Balm with Lavender EO, Organic Metro (fragrance free), Organic Rose Glossy Gloss (with Rose EO's)
3rd Row:  Organic Vanilla Dreams (with a Vanilla EO blend), Organic Cool Mint (nude glimmer and a Mint EO blend), Lip Trio Set with three lip balms

Lip Balms can be found on Etsy.

After posting this comprehensive collage of products I wonder how we are still standing and excited about new products. As we under-estimated how popular our product would be, we had many long long days of nose to the grindstone where other jobs were left unattended until we could get caught up again. Hence why we've been scarce in blog land.

We at Two Blooms Design Studio wish you a blessed Christmas and successful
New Year in 2013.

Caron and Michelle


Alegría Mediterránea said...

Lovely,lovely and lovely!
Much Love,

Anonymous said... many beautiful products, how on earth do you find the time to eat and sleep? I love the organic lavender products, I know that it's a very traditional fragrance, but it still does it for me :)

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog by the way.

Lilli x

Jennifer Young said...

Looking wonderful!!!!! Merry Christmas hugs, xoxo Jen

Caron. Michelle. Somers said...


We hope you have a fantastic Christmas and wonderful New Year in 2013.


Sometimes it was a challenge to have time to eat and sleep. Next year we will have a lot more stock.


Have a blessed Christmas and a successful New year in 2013.

Natural Aroma Handmade Soaps said...

oh,so many beautiful goodies to pick from, they look wonderful! Merry Christmas and I hope you have a fabulous New Year:)

The Soap Sister said...
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The Soap Sister said...

What an AMAZING year of beautiful products you two have had! My goodness, it's almost overwhelming to see all that you've done in just one year! Wishing you guys all the best in 2013, and looking forward to seeing all the goodies yet to come. :) ~Becky

Caron. Michelle. Somers said...

Natural Aroma and The Soap Sister,

Thanks for your lovely compliments. :)