Tuesday, October 16, 2012

At long last...an update

Grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy the photos. 

We've had a full market season with two more Saturdays then it's the start of our Christmas Artisan show madness! 

Here is what you may have missed over the last few months:

Organic Lavender Sachets with a hand drawn original design. The organic Lavender is from our garden and the sachets are filled with buds only (no leaves or stems). Available on Etsy.

The Victoria Vegan Luxury Soap (a heady floral mix including Lavender and Ylang Ylang, one of our favourite scents). Find it in our shop.

The Victoria Sea Salt Soap (including Lavender and Ylang Ylang). We've used local salt from Vancouver Island Salt Company and actually had the pleasure of touring the facilities where the salt is made.  Available here.

Here is our video of cutting The Observatory Soap:

If you can't see it you can view it here on our channel.

The Observatory Luxury Soap (an intoxicating blend of Freesia, Peony and Cotton Flower). It's here.

The Empress Vegan Luxury Soap (our proprietary blend of pure essential oils including Bergamot along with Citrus notes).  Available in our shop.

This rose is from our garden in a local glass blown vase. It was too pretty not to photograph.

Vanilla Musk Glycerin Soap (a new summer favorite).

Patchouli Vegan Luxury Soap with local ale (currently sold out, new batch will be ready in 3-4 weeks).

Organic Goat's Milk Honey & Oats Luxury Soap (with local Honey and Shea Butter), next batch will be available soon.
Cucina Coffee Vegan Luxury Soap (our Citrus essential oil blend including Lemongrass). This one has a vibrant fresh scent and is great for both men and women. New batch curing.
A custom order for Patchouli Aroma Mist
A custom order for a local goat farm. L to R Local Goat's Milk Honey (local honey) and Oats Soap, Goat's Milk Lemongrass Soap.  Was in such a rush I didn't even get a photo of these soaps before they headed out the door.

A bunch of custom orders we did for local customers.

Deep Cove (named after a beautiful spot on Vancouver Island which features a picturesque park, situated within a stand of ancient Douglas fir trees, that are hundreds of years old, and has beautiful walking trails). We've added our essential oil blend of Mint and Tea Tree along with Shea Butter.  Available in our Etsy shop.

Gift Sets (perfect for birthdays, teachers, a thank you, Christmas gift, etc.). Available in two varieties here.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week and this is bounty from our garden. We have much to be thankful for.

Our Laundry Kit.

Lip Balm Collectors Kit.

Our favorite hot beverage - Matcha Tea!

Our new business cards.

Our After The Rain Perfume Oil is available at Rainbird Boutique here in Victoria and we are happy to be featured in this beautiful store. This perfume is a blend of essential oils that has a fresh clean scent and reminds us of how it smells after the rain hence the name.
Rose Glossy Lip Balm (this is a perfect hybrid between a lip balm and a gloss and is infused with our Rose essential oil blend). You can find these here.

Our new soap packaging. 
Green Tea & Jasmine Perfume Roll On (The scent has top notes of green tea leaf and green fern, middle notes of acacia and jasmine and bottom notes of patchouli and sandalwood.)
Available through our Etsy

All of our perfumes are now available in a sample size you can buy to find your favourite scent. Available here in our Etsy shop.
We'll be updating soon, thanks for stopping by.

Caron and Michelle


Alegría Mediterránea said...

That's a real variety of products!
Congratulations, you did a fantastic job!
Much Love,

Katie White said...

I love your soap packaging! (and the soaps themselves! :)

Caron. Michelle. Somers said...


Yes, all the products have kept us busy. Thank you. :)


I racked my brains trying to come up with something different yet simple for our soap packaging. Thanks for your comment.


Anne-Marie said...

You packaging and soaps are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it. :)

Caron. Michelle. Somers said...


Thank you for stopping by and for the wonderful encouragement.


Jennifer Young said...

Hi Michelle, I am always amazed at the amount of different and BEAUTIFUL products you have!!! Gorgeous. xoxo Jen

Natalia said...

So lovely all your products. The soaps are gorgeous, so different and specials.

Caron. Michelle. Somers said...


Thanks, making all these products does keep us busy.


Thank you for the lovely compliment.


AYU said...

Hi Michelle :)
I haven't seen your updates lately..
But I know you are busy since it's a holiday season.
Beautiful soaps as always!

PS: I love Matcha Tea too!

Good luck!