Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Last Days of Summer

The calendar tells me we're nearing the end of summer, but somehow I want to hang on to every last day but alas it drifts through our hands like sand doesn't it?

September at our household doesn't include the mad dash for school supplies seeing as how neither I nor my sister are teaching this year and we're not working at the university.  So we'll create our own 'back to school' incentives, which may include a flash sale or two.  Although I am temped to buy some new pencils and erasers for our studio:)

As you may notice, we've shifted responsibilities this summer and I (Caron) will take over all the social media and Michelle will concentrate more on graphics/labels/packaging.  She has been taking a course all summer and will continue throughout the year to hone her wonderful photography skills and design/packaging skills which are coming along nicely.  I on the other hand am the social butterfly, happy to blog/FB/Twitter and get into conversation with just about anyone these days.  So as you can see, our tiny little company is evolving, we are watching trends and most importantly listening to our customers.

We showcased at a BUNCH of new markets this summer, too numerous to mention but each one brought some new fans and good experiences that we'll carry with us into the cold, wet winter (but that's a LONG ways away:)

So here's to a new season coming upon us, please drop me a line as you read as I would LOVE to hear who's out there and what you're doing.  Too often we focus on our jobs or our performance and we forget about how to just 'be'.  Today 'be' a good mother, a good daughter, a good friend or neighbour.  You are not your job.  So drop me a note today and tell me about who you are and maybe even include one goal you're thinking of for the fall/winter.

Oh and before I forget, here's a photos of some of the things we did this summer.

This was a custom order for a favorite client of ours, we customize the scent for her and she is always thrilled with the results.  Lavender essential oil is the base but its what we add to it that makes it special just for her.

Another sneak peek at a line we'll be introducing is our 'Pet Care' line with salves, lotions, sprays and soaps - the above soap was formulated for a particular breed of dog here on the West Coast.  We were thrilled to join with this breeder in introducing our new line.

We met a lovely gentleman this summer who was looking for a specific essential oil blend of soap that he had fallen in love with.  We made him a custom batch and he was beyond thrilled to finally have a dozen bars of this soap for his very own.  

So there you have it, a little peak into our world and if you have a minute, I'd love to hear from you.

Blessings and we'll see you back on here soon.



Donna OShaughnessy said...

So have I told you two how much I love your soap? Well I do. One bar almost gone. Trying NOT to use the other for awhile. Thought about giving it as a gift...but I am too selfish and your soap is too good.

Lisa said...

Love the lavender spray - the packaging is stunning!

Michelle Somers said...

Thank you Donna, your encouragement means a LOT to us, bless you!!

And thank you Lisa, Michelle is going to take the packaging world by storm i think:)