Friday, July 27, 2012

Major Recap on the past few months

It's been a busy few months with market season in full swing the first week-end in May. We've done several markets throughout this season and go until the end of October. Then it's the madness of Christmas season.

We've had several custom orders which I'll post about soon and have worked on some new packaging for our soaps and new products etc.  I'm going to school as time allows and learning a variety of things to do with media/technology/design/web etc.

After hearing about people stealing other soaper's photos I've learned to copyright mine. That took a bit of a learning curve as well.

So now onto all the good stuff. First up is our Raspberry Vanilla Silk Luxury Soap. Don't know if I mentioned it in the video but we used raw Tussah Silk.  (for some reason the embed code isn't working so am uploading it via blogspot you tube option):

Go here to view larger size.

Cutting Raspberry Vanilla Soap:

Click here for larger version.

Raspberry Vanilla Silk Luxury Soap:

Available through Etsy.

We made our Lavender piped topping soap and here is the end result:

With luxurious shea butter these are available for purchase through our Etsy shop.

Here are creations from my sister's Etsy shop.

The Coffee Bodums/French Press Cozies can be found through her Etsy shop.

We created a new Gentle Essential Kit for those with sensitive skin or new mothers:

It includes a Gentle Chamomile Soap, Cheeky Monky Anti-Chap Cream and Castile Pure Liquid Soap. Available on Etsy.

Introducing our Coral Pink Glossy Lip Tint:

With a hint of coral and organic Hempseed oil it's perfect for this time of year.  Get yours here.

We also went to the Sequim Lavender Festival last Friday for the day and it was wonderful. 

To see more photos check out our Facebook page.

Enjoy your week-end,



Jennifer Young said...

Wonderful post. Seems like you and your sister have been busy busy busy. I love those tea cozies!!! I would love one for my daily tea pot and am thinking about ordering one... Great looking photos and products. xo Jen

Michelle Somers said...

So great to hear from you. Let us know if you want a tea cozy (the ones on the post are for bodums) but we have tea cozies on Caron's Etsy page as well.

Amy@10th Ave. said...

Everything's gorgeous, as always. I especially love the tops of your soaps. All this and school, too? You must be incredibly busy, but the skills you are learning make me envious! All the best with everything you're doing these days!

The Soap Sister said...

Glad to hear you two have been busy-busy. Stealing photos? What have I missed this time? (I am really happy under this rock where I live -I tend to miss things, though!) Your photos are lovely BTW, an impressive array of goodies you have! Hugs to you ~Becky

Michelle Somers said...


Thank you. I'm looking forward to learning and using my new skills.

The Soap Sister,

Yes there was a post on Shieh Design Studio blog about it and I've heard about it happening elsewhere.


Lisa@BnB said...

Stunning pics and a great idea with the gift packs! So cute!

The Soap Sister said...

Thanks for sharing, Michelle....I just read the post -YIKES!!! Not only have I NEVER watermarked, I have no clue how to do it. Maybe one of you photog experts could post some hints? :) Thanks for the heads up. So sad to have to do it, but your pics still look great! Hugs ~Becky

Michelle Somers said...


Thanks :)


It took me ages to figure it out. Are you on a PC or Mac? I learned one program and then got it all figured out and it wouldn't work anymore so had to try something else.


Anne-Marie said...

Great videos and gorgeous soap. I super love the Lavender piped topping soap, it's stunning!

Michelle Somers said...


Thank you. :) Went to the Lavender Festival in Sequim, WA recently and saw that they had pink Lavender which matches my soap.