Monday, April 02, 2012

Cucina Coffee Vegan Bamboo Soap

We've been working on a few experiments lately. This is our Cucina Coffee Soap with bamboo and is part of our "Purely Natural" range with no added colour and essential oils added for scent.

Steps 1 to 6
Steps 7-13

We even made a short video of us cutting it:

In case you can't view this or would like a larger view you can see it here. We have our own video channel if you want to view more videos.

And the finished result.....

"Purely Natural" Cucina Coffee Bamboo Vegan Luxury Soap

This is We added a stamp to this one too.

We've added a custom essential oil of Lemongrass along with citrus notes.  This soap will be listed on Etsy soon, hopefully this week. If you would like to pre-order send us an email.

Two Blooms


Holly said...

Your collage here is stunning! Totally gorgeous! I think it's so great for the customers to see tidbits of the whole process.

twobloomsdesignstudio said...


Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate the lovely comments about our soap. I'm usually the one on here but my sister and I both work together making these soaps.


The Soap Sister said...

Great post Michelle! Love the photos, and the soap turned out really nicely -nice color contrast in the bars. :) ~Becky

Amy B said...

Absolutely lovely! The finished bars look so rich and decadent.

Briny Bar Soap said...


This is really gorgeous. I love all the lemongrass EO coming out from soapers all over this Spring. Great photo work too.

Emma said...

Great looking bars, Michele! Cool swirl, too. :) I really like the lemongrass essential seems to nicely compliment almost any kind of soap, and smells so fresh!


twobloomsdesignstudio said...


Thank you, it was fun stamping them.


Thanks :)


Thank you, I know Lemongrass is so popular.


Thanks for you kind works.