Saturday, December 31, 2011

A new year and some new products


Hope you all had a blessed Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Having a hard time blogging lately as so many other things are clammering for my attention. First off we're now on Etsy so I've been busily working on listing products.

Here is a lovely Breathe soap we made:

Breathe "Purely Natural" Vegan Soap
This one has organic clay, BC glacial clay (which is the most mineral rich clay in the world) and our blend of essential oils including pine, eucalyptus, menthol and a few others.  I've been wanting to make a soap that is great for colds, coughs or when you have sore muscles etc.  So the name Breathe came to me as I thought of walking in the beautiful West Coast forests we have here and breathing in all the amazing scents.  It will be listed on Etsy soon but for now it's here.

Thought I'd share some of our Refreshing Sprays as well:

2 oz Refreshing Sprays in Sugar and Rose Garden

4 oz Refreshing Sprays:  Vanilla Musk, Rose Garden, Refreshing Mint & Lavender

Both of these can be found on the website.

Also some Lavender bath salts in a glass jar:

Lavender Bath Salts
Here are hot beverage cozies we hand knit as well, don't think we've posted these before:

Hot Beverage Cozies

This was a custom order for a friend who has sensitive skin, we dropped it off before Christmas:

Our Vegan Oatmeal Soap and 100% Vegan No Chap Balm.
Oatmeal soap can be found here and the 100% Vegan No Chap Balm is a new product that can be found here.

Lastly I've been wanting to make an Face Serum since I saw Anne Marie's post about it awhile back.  Here is a combo kit I made:

Essential Oil Face Kit
The kit can be purchased on our website.  Since purchasing Argan oil recently I had to add it to my Anti-Aging Facial Serum.

Here's to a successful 2012 and since we're writing this on New Years Eve - HAPPY NEWS YEARS!!

Two Blooms


The Soap Sister said...

That soap is GORGEOUS!! I love the pattern, and you're right, CB clay can't be beat! :)

twobloomsdesignstudio said...


Thanks so much, I'm having fun with all natural soaps.


Celine Blacow said...

Wow you have been mega busy!!! Happy New Year to you xx

Soaptician AYU said...

Happy New Year, Michelle!
I love Argan oil. It's one of my favorite oils. =)

Your Breathe soap looks wonderful!
I love its soft colors.

Wish your success and happiness in 2012!

xo AYU