Friday, August 26, 2011

Gardener's Soap, my cute new purse & chocolate fix


It's hard to believe that summer is almost over and we didn't have the best weather this year either but lately have had a few nice days.  Last week my markets all went well.  We were at our once a month Wednesday market and then our Saturday/Sunday markets.  This girl and her mom have shopped with us about 4 times now and she went to the same camp that I worked at for a few summers.  It's so cool that she has come to both our Saturday and Sunday markets. She came by with her mom on Sunday and bought some soaps and then told me she has tried a lot of soaps and that mine are the best.  Her comment made my day.

I've had requests lately for a gardener's soap and I did have one a few years ago and decided to bring it back.  This is a palm free soap with coconut and olive oil.

Gardener's Soap  top view
Gardener's Soap side by side
It was so nice and sunny out that I decided to take a few pictures outside as well.

Gardener's photographed outside on our porch

Gardener's Soap nestled in a pot
I used a corn meal as a gentle exfoliant. The scent is a custom floral fragrance blend that is described as:  Scent A Top notes of green pear, crisp apple, a fresh pineapple are intertwined with cress, hibiscus, muguet, and violet blossoms while sheer musk adds character and sophistication. Scent B Subtle notes of tree moss, ultra clean marine, and a twist of amber, Scent C Top notes of fresh floral, green, fruity berry, ozone, apple and muguet. Mid notes of plumeria, gardenia, jasmine, rose, carnation and peach. Amber, coconut and musk base notes.

Gardener's Vegan Palm Free Soap
If you are interested they are listed in my shop.

On Sunday I noticed the vendor next to us had the cutest bag and I couldn't resist buying it.

Adorable red bag
Her business name is Bonspiel and she is listed on Etsy.  This is the what the inside looks like:

I'm planning to add a cute button on the front part. It was left over material she had from a project and decided to turn it into a bag.  Shortly after I purchased this she came over to my booth and bought a Cinnamon Vegan Soap.

The other day I was desperate for chocolate but didn't have the energy to bake something and decided to whip up a fast snack with a few ingredients. I used Gluten free chocolate chips with peanut butter (oh how I love peanut butter and get cravings for it) and heated it in the microwave for a few seconds and then stirred it together and sat and ate it. Then I decided to try this with almonds underneath in a small dish and pop in in the freezer. Oh divineness and similar to a peanut butter cup but healthier.

To cry for peanut butter almond crunch

Okay how many of you are off to whip up this delicious snack? 

It's off to bed I go and then off to markets to sell my wonderful products. If any Moss Street Market folks are reading this I'll have plenty of gluten free treats tomorrow along with gluten free doughnuts that are soy, nut, dairy, egg and corn free.


Michelle of Two Blooms


Ceine @ Soaperstar said...

Great looking soapies and I love the bag! Love the chocolate mix too, want some!

Jennifer Young said...

I have been meaning to make a gardeners soap for some time now. Looks wonderful. That chocolate dessert got me craving as well.... glad to hear you have been doing well at the markets! xo Jen

Soapchick said...

I really love the idea of putting corn meal in your gardener's soap as an exfoliant, I use real coffee but corn meal is a fab idea, it looks really lovely and chunky too.

twobloomsdesignstudio said...

Celine, Jennifer and Soapchick

Thanks for your comments. I'm enjoying the Gardener's soap as I have a sample of it in my shower. The chocolate fix was to die for and I'm planning to make it again soon.


Soaptician AYU said...

I have always wanted to make Gardener's soap but I haven't...
Your soap with corn meal sounds very good!!
Also I like your new purse! I like the cherry red color =)