Friday, July 01, 2011

Rose Soap (palm free)


Lots of changes have been happening in my life. I'm currently studying web design and enjoying it.

Now onto my latest soap. This is a palm free version that I just love due to it's bubblage.  I have to thank Cocobong because I was inspired by her shampoo bar but I made some tweaks to the recipe.

Here is it in the mold:

Rose Soap (palm free)

Here it is out of the mold:

Rose Soap log on it's side

Rose Soap log vertical view
I took some cut photos as well. A big thank you to Amy from Great Cakes Soapworks for giving me the tip on achieving the crackle effect on the bottom (it's something I've admired in other soaps):

Rose Soap stacked (this is my favourite photo)
Rose Soap on an antique chair
Rose Soap (close up)

I got a new soap stamp and had fun stamping these soaps.

Rose Soap with tree stamp

Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians. I'm heading off to see the fireworks (my sister won a free pass to a special viewing area and invited me, we also get wristbands to a music event in the city).

Two Blooms


Heirloom Natural Soap/The Soap Sister said...

Beautiful, I love the rose petal accent! The stamp looks good, too. It's fun to see the cut soap after seeing the log. Thanks for the pics. :) ! Becky

Jennifer Young said...

Happy Canada Day as well. We celebrated last night with fireworks as well, around a bonfire with guitars, friends and family. Nowhere else I would have rather been. Hope you had a great time! Fabulous you are following your dream and studying web design! Great looking soap!! Fragrance or EOs? xoox Jen

twobloomsdesignstudio said...


Thanks, I'm having fun with my stamp. It isn't our logo one but something to experiment with to see how it goes.


Thanks, it's a fragrance as Rose EO is outrageously priced. Your Canada Day sounds fabulous.

Caitlin said...

Love your soap stamp!