Monday, July 25, 2011

Beer Soap with local beer


As much as I'd love to keep my Versatile Blogger Award as my current post for as long as possible I have many soaps waiting for their debut.

This week has been insane with 3 markets this past week and the third one sandwiched between my Saturday and Sunday markets. Keeping up with products demands and whims of creative fancy has not been easy and I've put in many long hours. In the end my passion and love for what I do keeps me going.

We approached a local beer company about using their beer in our soaps and that is how our beer soap was born.

Here are several photos in every stage:

Beer soap in the mold view 1
Beer soap in the mold view 2
Adding the top layer
Adding texture
with added hops on top
Beer soap Log Horizontal view

Beer soap Log vertical view

Beer Soap cut bars 1

Beer Soap cut bars 2
Amy's blog is a great resource. Thanks Amy as I learned a lot about beer soap from your blog.
Here is our lovely beer soap in all it's soapy goodness.
Beer Soap Vegan Artisan Soap
The lather is amazing and this is one of my new favourite bars. The scent reminds me of fresh baked 
bread and I love it.  I lost a lot of my website content when I changed my name so I'm slowing rebuilding it and hope to be completely finished soon.  These are ready now and if you would like one you can get one here.  If you decide to order please see shipping section here.

Two Blooms


Shieh Design Studio said...

Great job! I tried it myself this morning and apparently the beer was not flat enough, I got a semi-volcano mess on my stove!

miscellanea said...

Great idea to make a beer soap. Beer would be fine also in a shampoo bar.

Jennifer Young said...

I absolutely love beer soap... and yours looks delicious!! Wow. I make a beer honey shampoo bar that will be the first soap I make when I am better!! xo Jen

Jennifer Young said...

Just to let you know... I cannot open your The Journey post... and from the photo it looks intriguing!!! xo Jen

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Guiness. I am going to do it. Guiness soap. It should go very nicely with my last bacon soap. No, I am not kidding.

And your soap is so rich looking. Love it

twobloomsdesignstudio said...


Thank you, oh I can relate, we had a volcano as well the first time. You have to add the lye to the beer a tsp at a time and wait until it settles. It's tricky, also make sure the beer has completely cooled down to room temp.


Thanks, you have given me a great idea to showcase this as a shampoo soap because I used great oils. Think I'll try it on my hair first to make sure I like it.


Thanks, I always enjoy seeing your shampoo bars. My sister has a blog that she started on my account and accidently posted it on my page. After 10 yeas as a chaplain at our local university she left her job and her blog is all about the journey she is experiencing after that. It's if you want to read it.


Give it a go, it's very fun