Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blackberry Sage Soap

Hello Friends,

Blackberry Sage is one of those scents that is very popular. I ran out of it and got around to making a new batch.

A fresh batch in the mold:

Blackberry Sage in the mold

 I wish there was a way to keep the soap this vibrant after it cures.  This is a shot just before I took it out of the mold:

Blackberry Sage just before cutting

Here are the cut bars:

Blackberry Sage cut bars of soap
A friend of mine at the market (her name is Laura) makes wonderfully creative soaps and has featured mushrooms, carrots, peas etc.  brought me one of her cupcake soaps as a wee treat.  Sometimes I bring her a baking treat (as we sell gluten free goodies) because I know it's hard work to stand and sell your product at a market.  It looks easy but after doing it for the last 8 years (we are in our 9th year) I can tell you a lot is involved with packing, unpacking, table design, pricing, labelling, providing bags, business cards etc. to customers.

Here is a shot of her cupcake that is scented with cinnamon and vanilla (the top is a soap molded coffee bean):

Cinnamon Vanilla Cupcake by Laura

As of this week-end this blog will become my new blog and the stub post will become my old blog URL telling customers about my new URL. I'm hoping followers will be included in the switch but if not you can follow the new blog.

Have a fantastic long weekend, the weather today is nice and sunny.  After all the rain it's much appreciated.

Michelle & Caron


Jennifer Young said...

Love your swirls. This soap looks lovely. I will be following your other blog. xo Jen

Amy Warden said...

The Blackberry Sage is very lovely! And the cupcake soap looks good enough to eat!

I follow your blog via google reader, so hopefully it's smart enough to figure out where to find you!