Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Chai Tea Soap sneak peek

Here is Chai Tea freshly poured into the mold. I used Hemp Oil with this one and it smells divine.

Splurge's Chai Soap in the mold

I thought it needed a little extra something so added some gold mica as well:

Splurge's Chai Soap with mica added

I'll post the cut photo in the next few days so check back to see the final result.

Splurge Sisters


Hellcat said...

Looks lovely!
How much hemp oil did you use? I'm always afraid the soap will go off quickly if I use too much but I quite like it in soap...


Splurge Sisters said...
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Splurge Sisters said...

I think I used between 5-10% as I don't have my recipe with me.