Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Serenity Butter, Herbal Salve, and soap packaging


As I mentioned before I'm featuring some new products:

Splurge Herbal Salve

The Herbal Salve is great for dry skin or boo boos. It contains soothing essential oils along with moisturizing oils and butters.

Splurge Serenity Body Butter

This decadent smelling butter is new this year. It is scented with Splurge's signature intoxicating blend of woodsy floral essential oils. This luxurious butter is packed with skin loving ingredients to pamper your skin.

Splurge Pomegranate & Fig Vegan Luxury Soap

When I saw Jen of Jenora Soaps cute soap packaging awhile back I went crazy as I'd just made my Pomegranate & Fig soap and wasn't sure how to package it. I asked her if I could borrow her idea and she kindly gave me permission. You can see her great ideas here. I love the way it looks and I just bought some pretty paper for my Tea Tree, Gingerbread Brûlée and Mocha Latte soaps. I'll feature those in a few weeks.

Next post I'll feature more of my soy wax container candles.

Splurge Sisters


Jennifer Young said...

Hi! Thanks for the awesome mention and link here! Looks like you have been having some creative fun with packaging... does it ever stop? I LOVE your balm and body butter packaging. Do you laminate it in any way? My self-printed sticker labels for creams or lip balms get really tatty. I also love the natural colours and look in your Pomegranate & Fig soap. Can't wait to see the others! xo Jen

Splurge Sisters said...


Thanks, my sister does all the labelling (which I'm begging her to teach me but it's her baby for now since she has a background in graphics) and we use waterproof labels on an Epson Artisan 810 which isn't the best printer but we are making it work. No laminating but I do shrink wrap the butter and salve.

anna said...

Thank you for this, I have very dry/sensitive skin all year round and because I suffer from eczema on my hands. I am always on a hunt for the perfect cream!

AromaBeauty Natural Soaps said...

Labels look great, sure wish I had a Sister who'd do mine:) love how you've done your Pomegranate & Fig soap, it looks really effective and it sounds so yummy!