Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pomegranate and Fig Soap (Going back to my roots)

Sometimes soaps don't turn out the way you plan them in your head. So I planned to make my Pomegranate and Fig soap as I'm down to my last bar. I tweaked my recipe ever so slightly thinking all would go well.

Pomegranate Fig Soap freshly poured that doesn't look right close up

So after I mixed it all looked fine and then all of the sudden it traced very quickly on me so I poured it in the mold anyway hoping for the best. After I checked on it the next day I wasn't happy with the result. I decided to cook the soap and repoured it back into the mold. This method took me back to my roots. The soap is smooth and I love using it.

Here is the final result:
Pomegranate Fig soap with added fair trade shea butter

I'm happy with the consistency of the soap and I added shea butter as well so it's feel great on your skin. Then I brushed copper mica on top. It smells divine.

I've been making lots of soaps lately getting ready for our Christmas shows. I still have 2 weeks left at our local market. Each week I'll post one of my new creations.

Until next time,

Splurge Sisters


Teresa said...

Yummy Yum Yum!

Anne-Marie said...

Well great job saving a riced batch! It's really tough to save a riced batch. Good job :)