Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Into the Woods Vegan Soap and an update on Pom/Fig Soap

So here is a preview of a new Christmas Soap called Into the Woods with a mixture of Cedar/Fir (or was it Cedar and Pine? I'm at work so I'm trying to remember my blend) and Litsea Cubeba essential oil.

Into The Woods Vegan Luxury Soap

I added cocoa butter to this and I'm looking forward to showing you the cut bars.

Here is the updated Pomegranate and Fig soap with smooth sides.  I love how it looks.

Pomegranate and Fig Vegan Soap

Once I figure out the wrapping I'll post that as well.

Splurge Sisters


Anne-Marie said...

I love the look of that green - the sparkles from the mica (?) look absolutely enchanting. It's a very attractive looking bar of soap.

Between Friends said...

There's something special about the combination of this shade of green and the golden sparkles. Somehow it brings out a fairy tale magic!

Teresa said...

I am a sucker for bling - the green is lovely!

Dörte said...

A beautiful Weihnachts green, pleases me well!
loves greetings, Dörte

Splurge Sisters said...

Thanks everyone, yes there is a fine glitter on top that my sister randomly sprinkled on. It smells heavenly and realized I added cocoa butter to this batch instead of shea as I'm running low on shea and trying to save some for other batches.

TheSoapSister said...

Love that Into the Woods soap...a great name, too! I would love to see what it looks like when cut. Also, how do you package such a lovely soap? That would throw this label-holic into a tailspin! :)

Splurge Sisters said...


Thanks, yes, we are still thinking about packaging ideas.