Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The market is back in full swing :)


The market started up again two weeks ago and we have been crazed ever since. Right after getting back from New York we started prepping for our first market. Plus I've been in a flurry making new soaps and filling custom orders (can you say yummy Vanilla Musk Body Spray?). Don't worry I decided to make Vanilla Musk body spray for sale as well and it will be on the website soon.

Thought I'd tease you with a new soap that will be launching soon. It's called Out of This World and has a very fresh clean scent.

This is the regular size bar for sale here.

Here is the larger size that is a whopping 6.5 to 7 oz. I'll list it on the website soon.

Come visit us at Moss Street Market if you are in the area.

Splurge Sisters

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Edith said...

I am loving your soaps good luck with your markets!