Monday, April 19, 2010

Splurge - New York City

So we're back. There is something to be said for boarding a plane, flying across country (and time zones!!) and completing embedding yourself into a culture. And that's exactly what we did. We got subway maps and hit the ground running - we covered the entire island of Manhattan and even ventured into Brooklyn!!

We ate the best food, found an awesome outdoor craft market, met wonderful people and had the time of our lives. We even found the most beautifully decorated soap store in NYC - we did it all!! Got back on the plane with notebooks filled with ideas, drawings, scraps of paper and dreams.

We've downloaded photos and even now can't believe how magical our time away was - so refreshed and so ready to go. Finishing touches need to be completed and then we'll be packing up the little Honda Civic! and heading back out to our favorite market.

And the best part of how beautiful our island is!!

Filled with visions of NYC in our heads,

Splurge Sisters

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Kay | Color Printing Wholesale said...

If I will have a vacation and it's a long one, NYC is one of the places that I would want to visit. I just wish that I could have the time.