Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We feel loved!

Star of Wonder Vegan Glycerin Soap

Really Good Lip Stuff

Pocketful of Stars Vegan Glycerin Soap Packs


So yesterday Caron and I did the 9th Annual Hearts and Craft Fair

It was wonderful and our customers so appreciated the products we had to offer. We heard comments like: "Wow, your stuff is wonderful." "Why don't you charge more for your products." "You have such a great selection of products and you offer things that don't go out of style." Needless to say it really made our day and we love selling at UVic because the atmosphere is great and the people are friendly.

Popular products yesterday were the Pocketful of Stars, our vegan friendly soaps, Really Good Lip Stuff, headache relief oil and our body care gift packs.

This week we are preparing an order for a local store that wants some our products for the Christmas season. As well we will be preparing for our final Christmas show coming up at Moss Street Market. All of our loyal Moss Street Market customers come out for it so don't miss it.

Until next time,

Splurge Sisters

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LearnHowToMakeBows said...

Love your soaps and candles; they are some of the most beautiful ones I've ever seen!!

Thank you for sharing!
Jenn (free Christmas crafts ebook!)