Monday, February 02, 2009


There's a section in West Palm, Florida where every other bush is gardenia. I went crazy when I saw them all. The locals just looked bored when I would rush over and just inhale the luxurious scent. We were staying with friends who unbeknownst to me, were extremely wealthy. Their walls were covered in photos that I thought were cut out from People magazine, except they were in the photos (Photoshop? Apparently not.:)

These friends were extremely generous and kind and I will never forget the scent that permeated their house. Their back hedge was miles long with gardenia. I would pick fresh blooms every day, it was heavenly.

So my quest for true gardenia continues. I bought a plant which bloomed once and never again (performance anxiety?) I've tried perfumes and now I am on to the perfect gardenia essential oil. We made soap this weekend and although the scent was good - it wasn't West Palm. So this summer, make sure you come by and check out our Gardenia scents and see what all the fuss is about:)

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