Thursday, January 08, 2009


There is wisdom in getting away from it all. The hustle, the bustle. Finding a quiet, calm oasis to soothe frazzled thoughts and just sit by the water collecting sunshine.

Which is exactly what we did. We got every last thing finished, closed up shop and headed for the warm sand and sunny skies. We were voluntourists so room and board was gratis, we just had to get there and get there we did. And what a relief. A portion of each day was set aside to work with the locals and then the rest of the days were ours to explore.

We traversed all over this lovely little island, finding the beauty in the simple. As a result, our creativity soared and notebooks were filled with ideas. We came back not only refreshed but so GRATEFUL for all that we do have. A warm, bright house to snuggle down into, friends and family who love us and especially clients who are already asking what we've got new coming up this year:)

Our posting will be slightly different this year - the exact schedule will be decided upon later. But know that we're thinking about you and we'll be sharing it all in the months to come.


the splurge sisters

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