Monday, November 10, 2008

We're doing Preserves Now!!

WoooHoooo! We're in the throes of craft sale madness and we've just added on a new show - our new glass canning jars are making a big hit - these beauties are filled with soy wax and the candles can burn for 40+ hours! We've got 3 delicious flavors that are sure to have you ordering these by the case.

Our votive candles sold off the shelf this weekend and we're busy replenishing for the upcoming show next week. Never a dull moment is there? We just got a big order from a local spa/retreat centre and couldn't be happier - what a great way to spread Splurge!

We're bumping into happy customers at the markets, on the street, to and from work and everyone is excited about our fresh, local product. Send us an email and get your orders in quick!!

splurge sisters

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