Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Maybe we should have posted a picture of a long distance marathon runner - but these days, things are feeling more RoadRunner'ish. Not that we're no no. We added SEVERAL Christmas markets and they have been a lot of fun...but replenishing into the wee hours of the night, well...they have their moments.

As well, we've been filling orders like crazy. We've even gotten some from the UK which is making us feel mighty proud that we're making an impact that far away:)

So we're not blogging as much, but you would be amazed to see the new products we've made - some of them are flying off the shelves...and are so yummy. (As mentioned previously, we're not posting pictures of our new product until the new year - we're on a small island and our competitors are just too anxious to 'borrow' some of our ideas:)

If you haven't ordered yet - please do so soon...our cut-off date for special orders will be Friday, December exceptions:)

Happy Trails,

the roadrunner sisters:)

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