Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Simply. Soaps.

Soap. It's simple. We make amazing soap. No short cuts, no cheap alternatives. Pure soap. In these days of everyone counting pennies and cutting back - we're thrilled that people are still splurging on soap. It's sugar free and calorie free. Good for you and good for the environment.

We're offering more alternatives every week - some soaps are pure olive oil, some aren't packaged and some have no color or scent. No matter the variety - our soap makes you smile.

We went looking for ideas this past week at a HUGE craft sale - we came away pleased that we are offering a superior product at a fair price.

So it's simple. We make the best soap this side of the Rockies. And if you don't believe it - come try and bar and you too will be amazed that it doesn't get all gloppy in the shower, the scent is sublime and they are vegan - you couldn't want much more.

Splurge Sisters

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