Monday, August 11, 2008

Calming Effects of the Sizzle

Once upon a time we made bath bomb fizzies by the truckload. Along with them being fabulous to make, our clients loved the unusual scents (vanilla mocha anyone)? We would make them in dozens of shapes and we couldn't make them fast enough.

Then the demand slowed down and now we're noticing - it's back up again. So we're making custom boxes of delicate flowers of pure bath fizzing wonder. Instead of a giant round ball of fizz, we've discovered that people would like to have little amounts to throw into their bath water. Plus, trying to cut those spheres in half is crazy and you end up with one half and a pile of bits that get lost and swept away.

This way, you can throw one or two into your foot bath, or one into a small tub for a manicure. So simple. So elegant. We're so glad we discovered this perfect, tiny, soothing treat.

Yours in the journey,

splurge sisters

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