Monday, July 07, 2008

Soap - on a whole other level

If you've been to the market lately, you may have noticed our soaps. They are NOTHING like last years - in fact, as our regular customers keep saying "wow - how do you do that with soap?" Someone thought they were all hand painted.

But no. We've just taken the art of soap making to a whole other level - soap art extraordinaire! We figure that our soap should not only smell amazing, have exceptional ingredients BUT it should also look like art. So when you climb into your shower in the morning half asleep - your eyes spy our soap and you immediately think "with soap this good - it's going to be an AMESOME day".

Here's two recent samples - the only problem is - every batch is unique and they are selling out fast. So if you like something on one of these posts - come and get them NOW - because seriously, they are not sticking around long at all.

The photo with the soap still in the mold is one we made tonight - there are 7 colors swirled in this baby - and underneath all the swirls stayed intact - we can't wait to cut into this one. And the scent - an essential oil original creation.

I have to say it - we're taking soap to a whole other level - this isn't your grandmothers soap!!

Splurge Sisters

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