Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"I'll take 6 of those..."

Well, last Saturday was definitely Christmas in July for us. What a wild day the "Paint In" was - whoooooo-wheeeeeee is all we could say at the end of the day. People were buying in multiples of 6's, soap was flying off the shelves faster than we could replenish. Our butters were the star of the day and people scooped them up in pairs to 'save for a rainy' day.

This quiet, understated beauty is our "Neroli", a quiet, deep scent that makes it seem like all is going to be right with the world. This soap was a big seller as was the Pikasso soap (you have to see it to believe it"). It seems like these days everyone is feeling the pinch of high gas prices and even higher food prices and we're all doing our best to erase our carbon footprints - so isn't it nice to know that you can buy a bar of soap that is not only "Art in a Soap Bar" but also we are extremely conscious of our carbon footprints.

In fact, we have stopped riding our vehicle during the week (we either walk or bike) and we ONLY DRIVE to the market on Saturdays. In fact, we filled up the first weekend of the market in May and haven't had to refill yet. It helps that we only live 12 minutes from the market - we're really local!

So here's to more lazy dazy summer days.

Splurge Sisters

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