Thursday, June 26, 2008

Christmas in July?

Besides the fact this it is cold and blustery day, we are feeling like it is mere days away from Christmas. The reason being - now is the season for us to register for Christmas markets and this week we've been inundated with offers. So narrowing it down we're doing our two favorites and will be adding on a couple more.

And while we're on the topic of cold weather - is it me or are your hands as dry as a cactus? It's the combination of gardening, soap making etc. and etc. and etc.:) So this morning I opened a jar of Vanilla Musk Body Butter and was again amazed at how good it smells. Then I slathered it all over my hands, up to my elbows. It was PURE BLISS. The double sense of a warm scent AND the feeling of my hands being soothed and cared for. All morning I have been feeling my skin and it simply isn't greasy or oil feeling, just extremely soft and supple.

Just so you're not feeling left out - we're offering all of body butters and sugar or salt scrubs for only $9.95 each for the month of July ONLY. This is a huge savings but we want to share the love with these beauties.

So don't put up with dry, cracked hands and elbows (or feet:), pick up one or two of these beauties and your skin will thank you forever.

splurge sisters

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