Friday, June 20, 2008

Baking Like A Dream

We named the baking side of Splurge - "While You Were Sleeping Organic Baking" - and I am pretty sure we're famous.

Well, maybe we aren't but our baking sure is. Every week is something different. Last year we concentrated heavily on breads including the famous "Sour Dough" that was featured at Feast of Fields last year. This year - we're still doing bread, but focusing on organic goodies that can be munched on while people walk through the market.

We're trans-fat free!! Every week we have something that is gluten free, something chocoately and some weeks, we even feature a treat that is raw vegan. Ingredients are organic and we've sourced local, so we feel good about what we bake.

For those of you asking about the famous "Flax Seed Rosemary buns", they'll be making an appearance soon. In the meantime, come by for something good to eat, that's good for you.

splurge sisters

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