Sunday, May 04, 2008

"The Beautiful, Magical Tent"

What an AWESOME first market day!! Firstly, a huge warm thank you to all that braved the rain to welcome us back! The response to our new tent was overwhelming! One couple saw our billowing colors from across the market and when they arrived they said "as soon as we looked over and saw your "beautiful, magical tent' we knew we had to come right over!".

Lots of new products were showcased and each week we'll have something new to highlight. "While You Were Sleeping" Organic Baking made a big comeback and there were LOTS of happy customers sampling some new favorites! We made a lot of fans yesterday and we were thrilled with the response.

So regardless of the rain, sleet, hail or wind - we'll be at the market every Saturday from now until October - so there's no excuse not to come and visit us.

Have a great week - we're happily replenishing supplies (we were shocked at all the soap we sold:) and we'll see you on Saturday.

The Grateful Splurge Sisters

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